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Use the form below to check of all the items that you will need for your function, the items that you do not have hire them from N&M Party Hire. Tick what you would like us to supply and the quantity required and submit the form and immediately receive our brochures.One of our team will be in contact shortly to help further with your enquiry.

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Party Hire Checklist
12" x 12" Marquee Qty
18" x 18" Marquee Qty
12" x 24" Marquee Qty
16" x 30" Marquee Qty
18" x 36" Marquee Qty
18" x 54" Marquee Qty
20" x 20" Marquee Qty
20" x 30" Marquee Qty
20" x 40" Marquee Qty
Market Umbrella Qty
Dance Floor      
Portable Dance Floor Qty
Large Rectangular Tables Qty
Medium Rectangular Table Qty
Large Round Table Qty
Small Plastic Round Table Qty
Children's Tables Qty
Plastic Chair Qty
Padded Chairs (For indoor Use) Qty
Children's Chairs Qty
Linen Table Covers      
Long Trestle Qty
Round Table Qty
Blow Heater Large Qty
Blow Heater Small Qty
Patio Heater Qty
Small Qty
Medium Qty
Large Qty
3 Burner BBQ Qty
4 Burner BBQ Qty
Bain Marie      
Bain Marie 3 Pot Qty
Bain Marie 4 Pot Qty
Bain Marie 6 Pot Qty
Food Warmers Qty
Pie Warmer Qty
Urn - 8 Ltr Qty
Urn - 7 Ltr Qty
Dinner Plate 10" Qty

Dinner Plate 9"

B/Butter Qty
Soup Bowls Qty
Dessert Plates Qty
Dessert Bowls Qty
Cups & Saucers Qty
Knives Qty
Forks Qty
Soup Spoons Qty
Dessert Spoons Qty
Tea Spoons Qty
Beer Glass Qty
Wine Glass Qty
Champagne Glass Qty
Sherry Glass Qty
Beer Jugs Qty
Wine Carafes Qty
Punch Bowls      
Punch Bowl Qty
Ice/Drink Tubs      
Ice / Drink Tubs Qty
Portable Bar      
Keg Hire Qty
Keginator Qty
Magic Box Qty
PA / Speakers      
Portable Amplifier Qty
Speakers Qty
Jukebox with Lights (1 piece) Qty
Jukebox (3 piece) Qty
Lighting and Effects      
Disco Lighting Qty
Strobe Lights Qty
Smoke Machine Qty
Helium Gas      
To Fill 300 Ballons Qty
To Fill 100 Ballons Qty
To Fill 50 Ballons Qty
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