Conditions of Hire

1. Delivery quoted to ground floor only.
2. Late returns will be charged for at the rate of 1 hire charge per day (or part day).
3. Prices quoted are for daily / weekend hire.
4. Prices subject to alteration without notice.
5. A minimum cash security of $50.00 is to be added to the total hire cost.
6. Security deposit is refundable within 7 days after return of goods.
7. Damages and / or shortages will be charged for replacement.
8. Goods are to be returned clean or charges will be incurred. Glassware, crockery and cutlery should be dishwasher clean.
9. All payments to be made on or before pick-up or delivery.
10. No crepe streamers in or on marquees.
11. No cooking of BBQ’s in marquees.
12. N&M take no responsibility for any damage to underground piping, when erecting and dismantling of marquees.