Wedding Cocktail Catering Package

Gourmet Finger Food Menu 

From 50 guests + @ 10 Choices @ $26.00 per guest

  1. Cocktail Frittas
  2. Petite Tarts: Olive & red Capsicum or Smoked Salmon or Spinach
  3. Japanese Sushi
  4. Mini cocktail Roast Beef with Seeded Mustard rolls
  5. Mini Cocktail Roast Turkey with Cranberry and baby spinach rolls
  6. Cocktail chicken satay
  7. Crispy Garlic Prawns
  8. Cocktail Vegetable and Black Bean Spring Rolls
  9. Curry Samosas
  10. Chillie Chives and Leek Potatoe rounds
  11. Calamari Rings
  12. Soft shell crab in crispy batter
  13. Beef burgundy cocktail pies
  14. Lamb & Rosemary cocktail pies
  15. Cocktail Sheppard’s pies

We can also customerize your menu to suit.


  • equipment supplied to cook on site (we will require the use of the kitchen and oven)
  • uniformed staff to cook,
  • uniformed staff to serve to guests
  • clean up after finger food service
  • Dipping sauces and cocktail napkins provided.
  • Serving of approx 2 hours