12 x 12 Marquee Hire


  • 3.7m x 3.7m White Canvas Marquee Hire
  • Suitable for both grass and concrete
  • Ideal for to suit 20 people standing
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3.7m X 3.7m Marquee

Make an unforgettable impression with N&M’s marquee hire. N&M’s highly durable canvas marquees offer excellent protection against both wind and rain, able to accommodate large groups with your family or friends.

Various sizes are available to accommodate any event, from backyard weddings to corporate functions.

Note: Prices do not include labour and delivery charges. Full phone enquiry required before booking in all marquees


What colour are our marquees?

All marquees are canvas white, except for our Blue 18′ x 36′ and our Grey 16 x 30.

Does the marquee come with walls?

Yes, all marquees are avialble with or with out walls. Our most common walls are solid white walls that can be easily customisable to suit your event space.

Are see through(clear) walls available?

Yes, we have vinyl walls that are clear to provide better visibility within the maqruee

Can I hire a marquee with flooring or a dancefloor?

Due to insurance purposes we don’t hire dancefloors, however we suggest contacting you local carpet company and ask for ofcuts(carpet they throw out) which you can easily lay down yourself and is often cheaper(sometimes free).

How much to hire marquee?

The base price is the inital cost of the size of your marquee, which does not include labour and delivery charges. Full phone enquiry required before booking in all marquees, to finalise final price.




Marquee Hire Terms and Conditions

Marquee Conditions of Hire;

  • All items are to be removed before marquees are to be erected; N&M’s staff takes no responsibility for any items that have not been removed in order to create a safe work environment.
  • All non-N&M items are to be removed before marquees are dismantled; N&M’s staff can refuse to dismantle(may result in additional charges) if the area has not been cleared prior to N&M staff arrival.
  • No crepe streamers in or on marquees.
  • No open fires in or within 5 meters from marquees.
  • No cooking of BBQs in marquees.
  • N&M Catering and Events Party Hire takes no responsibility for any damage to underground cables, pipes, services or other obstructions when erecting and dismantling marquees.


General Conditions of Hire

  • Late returns will be charged at the rate of 1 hire charge per day (or part day).
  • The prices quoted are for daily / weekend hires.
  • Prices are subject to alteration without notice.
  • The client hires the Equipment at its own risk and bears responsibility for the Equipment hired from the time of its delivered or collected(picked-up) into the possession of the client until collection by or return to the N&M Catering and Events Party Hire.
  • Use the Equipment in a proper, safe, and prudent manner and only for the purpose and capacity for which it was designed.

Delivery of Hire;

  • Delivery quoted to ground floor only, additonally delivery personnel require safe and unobstructed access to the delivery point of hire.
  • The client ensures that all equipment is returned or ready for collection by the N&M Catering and Events Party Hire’s staff, is in a clean, dry and in a properly packed condition and, if being collected, is readily accessible; and will pay for all cleaning or drying costs and for any damage resulting from not properly drying, cleaning and/or packing the Equipment.

Security Deposits upon picking up and collecting hire;


  • For all pick-up hire minimum cash security of $50.00 is to be held at pick-up of hire and returned when the customer returns hired items in a clean, dry and properly packed condition.
  • Security deposit is refundable within 7 days after return of goods.

Damages and Shortages

  • If the Equipment is lost or damaged and the loss of or damage to the Equipment is caused by the negligence or willful act or omission of the client or the breach of any of these Terms by the client, the client shall without limitation be liable for;
    • Any costs incurred by the Owner in repairing or replacing the Equipment;
    • Hire charges for the Equipment until the Equipment is repaired or replaced; and
    • Any other costs whatsoever incurred or loss suffered by the Owner as a result of the damage to or loss of the Equipment.

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