Bar Table Hire


  • Elevate your event with N&M’s Bar Table Hire.
  • Stylish and functional addition to any event.
  • Create a sociable and informal atmosphere.
  • Easy setup with sturdy construction.
  • Convenient transport and versatile placement.
  • Perfect complement to finger food catered functions.
  • Seamlessly pair with Trestle Table Hire.


Stylish and Functional Addition

N&M’s Bar Table Hire instantly adds sophistication and versatility to any event. Elevate your wedding, engagement, birthday, Christmas party, religious gathering, corporate event, or community function with our Bar Tables.

Sociable and Informal Atmosphere

Create a relaxed and inviting ambiance with our Bar Tables. Encourage social interaction and provide a space for guests to mingle, engage in conversations, and enjoy your event in an informal setting.

Easy Setup and Sturdy Construction

Set up our Bar Tables effortlessly—no assembly or complicated instructions required. These tables are crafted with sturdy materials, ensuring a stable surface for various activities throughout your event.

Convenient Transport and Versatile Placement

Transporting our Bar Tables is hassle-free. They fit easily into vans, utes, or trailers, allowing you to position them wherever needed, whether indoors or outdoors.

Perfect Complement to Finger Food Catered Functions

Enhance your culinary experience by pairing our Bar Tables with our N&M Finger Food Catered functions. These tables create a casual and sociable environment, perfect for guests to savor delicious bites while enjoying the relaxed ambiance.

Seamlessly Pairing with Trestle Table Hire

Our Bar Tables work seamlessly with our Trestle Table Hire options. Easily decorate, transport, set up, and style these tables to suit your specific function needs, ensuring a cohesive and stylish event setup.

Enhancing Various Functions with Elegance and Functionality

Add a touch of elegance and functionality to your wedding, engagement, birthday, corporate event, or community function. Our Bar Tables serve as strategic furniture pieces, enhancing the overall aesthetic and practicality of your event.

Catering to Younger Guests Below 8 Years

For the younger guests, we offer specialized N&M Kids Chairs and N&M Kids Table hire options. Ensure their comfort and enjoyment with our kid-friendly furniture, allowing them to be part of the festivities in a way that suits their age and needs.

Elevate your event with N&M’s Bar Table Hire. Contact us today to secure these stylish and functional tables for your upcoming function. Let us help you create a memorable and engaging experience, tailored to your unique event requirements.

For all weekend hire N&M Catering and Party Hire offers stress-free function hire all weekend. This means when you hire equipmentyou will either have the option to pick-up/deliver on the Thursday or Friday before the function and collect/return items on the Monday after your function. Additionally, you can arrange your hire for Saturday(pick-up only).  

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